Why Donate

ims-organizations-2016-171At Inman, we have a team of talented and dedicated teachers led by an extraordinarily motivated and experienced interim principal, Ms. Emily Boatright, who has worked alongside her predecessor Dr. Betsy Bockman for many years. However, despite a growing enrollment and diverse student body, our school is currently facing unprecedented funding cuts. Most notably, Inman is losing all of its Title I funding, which equaled $210,000 for the 2015-16 academic year. To maintain smaller class sizes and limit the number of teams per grade, Inman must reallocate money from the school’s general fund, leaving less to support critical ongoing programs and to add much-needed new curriculum and technology enhancements. With your support, the Foundation will provide teachers and staff with the tools not only to maintain our current level of excellence but to take Inman students to the next level of academic achievement.

How is the Foundation different from the PTA? Why should I support both?
The foundation focuses exclusively on teacher and staff support, instructional technology enhancements, curriculum materials and related student programs – items that the PTA is unable to provide due to operating guidelines set by the national PTA organization. The PTA provides organizational and funding support for the day-to-day operation of the school, including both student and faculty-related programs and activities.