Why Donate & FAQ


WHY IS SUPPORTING THE FOUNDATION SO IMPORTANT? Despite a growing enrollment and diverse student body, Inman continues to face unprecedented funding cuts as one of a handful of schools within APS that does not receive Title 1 Funding (significant funds allocated to districts that qualify as “disadvantaged”).  While we are fortunate to be in this position, this means we need everyone to fill the sizable gap between the budget we are allocated by APS and the resources we need to give every Eagle the opportunity to take flight and soar!

HOW IS THE FOUNDATION DIFFERENT FROM THE PTO? WHY SHOULD I SUPPORT BOTH? The Foundation works closely with the PTO to complement, not duplicate, their great work. The Foundation and PTO have distinct and important functions, requiring separate operating budgets, Boards, and fundraising drives. The Foundation focuses exclusively on long-term funding to support innovative curriculum enrichment, teacher professional learning, and strategic technology initiatives.  The PTO provides organizational assistance and funding for the day-to-day operation of the school and whole-child support, including enrichment programs and activities, student scholarships, club and teacher grants and community building events that foster school spirit such as the Inman Talent Show and BBQ & Blues.  The Foundation and PTO coordinate to ensure parents are not overwhelmed by multiple asks all year long. This balanced approach ensures every parent and student feels involved and invested in the success of our school!  We strongly encourage you to make a meaningful contribution to EACH organization to ensure the best possible academic environment for your child(ren).

WHAT IS THE FOUNDATION’S SOARING EAGLES FUND AND HOW WILL THE FUNDS BE USED? Supporting the Soaring Eagles Fund is the Foundation’s one major ask and serves as a long-term funding source supporting strategic technology initiatives, teacher professional learning, and innovative curriculum enrichment resources.  Your support is an investment in your child’s education!

HOW MUCH DO WE NEED FOR OUR 2017-2018 SOARING EAGLES FUND? Our Principal, Dr. Maxwell, and his team have some exciting plans to continue bringing innovative technology and curriculum enrichment into every classroom at Inman!  The Soaring Eagles Fund will be an essential funding source to achieve these objectives.  Our goal is to raise $150,000 this school year.  Raising approximately $140 per student will ensure our Eagles take flight!  We know not every parent can give this amount, so we are offering a range of giving levels to encourage those who CAN give more to be as generous as possible.  This is an investment in your community school and your child(ren)’s education, so please give what you can.  EVERY donation counts, no matter the amount.  DONATE NOW!


  • 145 Chromebooks utilized in a variety of classrooms and subjects
  • The WeatherBug meteorology station and science program, a state-of- the-art science and technology package that engages students directly in learning about weather.
  • Gifted certification training for six additional teachers, which helps keep all class sizes smaller and permits greater flexibility in teacher assignments.
  • Teacher technology and curriculum requests for specialized course materials and equipment, across grades and subject matter areas, to ensure that faculty have access to innovative instructional tools for creating a challenging and fun learning environment.