EAF Tutoring Program

The Educational Advisory Foundation (EAF) Tutoring Program is currently active at Inman Middle School. The program, funded entirely by the Inman Middle School Foundation, provides in-school tutors to improve students’ performance in reading and math. The goal of EAF tutoring is to support students so that they meet grade-level performance standards and feel increased self-confidence, and provide classroom teachers support in meeting students needs at ALL levels

The EAF users a comprehensive, multi-tiered service delivery model. This model is data driven, including essential components of the Response to Intervention Process (RTI). This process ensures that students at all levels are monitored and those in need of additional intervention are identified early. Specifically, students falling behind in reading or math are given assistance at increasing levels of moderate intensity that uniquely meets their needs. This secondary instruction is provided in addition to daily core instruction. The defining features of this program are that it occurs outside of core instruction time but during the school day, occurs at least twice per week, progress is monitored monthly, and tutoring is in small groups with students having similar needs (up to four students in each group). Instructors are highly qualified and trained.

Considerations for identifying students who qualify for the EAF Tutoring Program include the following:

  • Georgia Milestone Assessment performance
  • STAR 360, reading and math performance
  • Placement on previous years’ “possible retention list”
  • Grades
  • Teacher input
  • Students’ needs

EAF at Inman ensures the following:

  • Opportunities to practice (twice per week)
  • Progress Monitoring (Researched based Probe given once a month)
  • Focused screening (STAR 360 given monthly)
  • Frequent Feedback (Once a month goal setting meetings – Student conferences)
  • Fading Supports (We want students to be able to move out of the process –in order to support new students).

Please see Ms. Miles at Inman Middle School if you would like to have your child considered for this program.

Thank you to those of you who have contributed to the Inman Foundation so this essential program is sustainable and active. It has made a huge impact on the lives of our students!