Successful Foundation initiatives include bringing innovative technology into every classroom along with offering teachers across every discipline quality professional development. These funding priorities support both the Systems & Resources and Talent Management elements of our school’s strategic plan.

Inman’s Foundation has funded 400 Chromebooks since 2016.

Thanks to the generosity of those contributing to the Foundation, we have already funded the following:

  • Completed our ambitious “1:1” technology initiative to supply every Inman student with a dedicated laptop or Chromebook. We achieved this goal well ahead of schedule thanks to the combination of Foundation-funded Chromebooks and laptops donated by T-Mobile. This initiative achieved the following:
    • Revolutionized the Inman educational experience and enables teachers across all grade levels to interact with their students in new and engaging ways while delivering real-time, differentiated instruction based on individual student needs and abilities.
    • Provides Inman educators with a world of new curriculum possibilities through the integration of cutting-edge instructional platforms such as Google Classroom.
    • Significantly reduces the need for expensive (and heavy!) textbooks.
  • Provided 100% funding for the Educational Advisory Foundation intensive tutoring program. Experienced EAF tutors provided more than 1,500 hours of one-on-one and small group math and ELA instruction to at-risk students during school hours to provide intensive instruction for Inman students who can benefit from extra attention. The program effectively reduces class sizes and allows Inman teachers to continue teaching other students at a pace appropriate to their level. It also provides opportunities for Inman teachers to develop their teaching skills by partnering with EAF tutors to develop customized learning plans. Students saw gains of 79% and 35% in their STAR reading and STAR Math scores, respectively, compared to students not in the program.
  • Fully funded a variety of additional technology.
    • Google Expeditions can be utilized by all grade levels and classes. Have you ever wanted to travel to Antarctica? I bet some of you wish you could roam with dinosaurs! How many people get to have virtual college visits in middle school? With Google Expeditions, all of this, and much more, is possible. The Google Explorer virtual reality system allows students to explore the world, conduct complex science experiments, and travel through outer space without ever leaving the classroom.
    • The WeatherBug meteorology station and science program, a state-of- the-art science and technology package, engages students directly in learning about weather.
    • Teacher technology and equipment, across grades and subject matter areas, ensures that faculty have access to innovative instructional tools for creating a challenging and fun learning environment.
  • Level 1 Google Certification for 40+ teachers, leading to improved efficiency among teaching teams when the same learning platform is utilized.
  • Gifted certification training for 20+ teachers, helping keep all class sizes smaller and permitting greater flexibility in teacher assignments.

These expenditures would not have been possible without your support!