Why Donate & FAQ

WHAT DOES THE FOUNDATION DO AND HOW IS THE FOUNDATION DIFFERENT FROM THE PTO?  The Inman GO Team has partnered with stakeholders from across the school community to formulate a strategic plan to ensure that all Inman students benefit from a superior academic and social experience.  The Inman Foundation and the PTO each play a critical role in implementing this plan, which focuses on four key elements:

  • Systems & resources, which includes building infrastructure capacity to address the physical and innovation needs of the learning environment.
  • Talent management, which includes providing teachers the professional learning necessary to ensure the student mastery of 21st century skills (collaboration, creativity, communication, citizenship and critical thinking) and maintaining a high percentage of teachers with credentials or certifications for advanced learning (gifted).
  • Academic programming, which includes increasing rigor through implementation of APS instructional practices and teacher-requested curriculum materials in all content areas.
  • Culture, which includes creating an environment where students, staff and families are engaged through an understanding and engagement of their strengths.

The Foundation focuses on the “Systems & Resources” and “Talent Management” elements in furtherance of its mission to provide a stable, long-term funding source for the people, programs and technology that will help to make Inman the best middle school—public or private—in Georgia.  The PTO supports the latter two priorities (academic programming and culture). For more information regarding the PTO and its support for the Academic Programming and Culture components of the Inman GO Team strategic plan, please visit www.inmanmiddleschool.org.

WHY IS SUPPORTING THE FOUNDATION SO IMPORTANT? Despite a growing enrollment and diverse student body, Inman continues to face unprecedented funding cuts as one of a handful of schools within APS that does not receive Title 1 Funding (significant funds allocated to districts that qualify as “disadvantaged”).  While we are fortunate to be in this position, this means we need everyone to fill the sizable gap between the budget we are allocated by APS and the resources we need to give every Eagle the opportunity to take flight and soar!

WHAT IS THE FOUNDATION’S SOARING EAGLES FUND AND HOW WILL THE FUNDS BE USED? Supporting the Soaring Eagles Fund is the Foundation’s one major ask and serves as a long-term funding source supporting two critical elements of Inman’s Strategic Plan – Systems & Resources and Talent Management.  Our Foundation will focus on funding strategic technology initiatives, teacher professional learning, and innovative curriculum enrichment resources. Visit here to review key initiatives for 2019-2020.

HOW MUCH DO WE NEED FOR OUR 2019-2020 SOARING EAGLES FUND?   The Inman Foundation is funded entirely by Inman parents and others who recognize the critically important role that Inman plays in our children’s lives and the community at large.  Our goal is to raise $150,000 this school year.  We offer a range of giving levels to encourage those who CAN give more to be as generous as possible.  This is an investment in your community school and your child(ren)’s education, so please give what you can.  EVERY donation counts, no matter the amount.  DONATE NOW!