2019-2020 Initiatives

Systems & Resources

The Foundation is focused on creating an innovative and engaging learning environment by funding the latest in instructional equipment and technology for Inman teachers.  The centerpiece of this effort has been the Foundation’s transformative “1:1 Initiative” to provide every Inman student with a dedicated state-of-the-art ChromeBook laptop in the classroom.  In addition to maintaining the 1:1 Initiative, the Foundation also funds other classroom technology needs such as STEAM program equipment, a WeatherBug meteorology station/science program (a state-of- the-art science and technology package that engages students directly in learning about weather), and other instructional technology used by Inman students every day in their classrooms.

Inman students using a Chromebook in class. Foundation funding at work!

Talent Management

The Foundation serves as the primary source of funding for teacher training and professional development opportunities such as gifted certification and attendance at educational conferences, most of which are not covered by APS.  Our goal is to encourage and enable every Inman teacher to pursue all such opportunities and to share their learning with their fellow teachers at the school.    It should be noted that gifted certification training not only increases Inman’s ability to provide instruction to gifted students, it also reduces class sizes overall.

The Foundation is also supporting Google Certification for our teachers.  To date, nearly 40 teachers have become Google Certified.

Another key element of the Foundation’s talent management support is funding for Inman’s tutoring partnership with the Educational Advisory Foundation.  Through this highly effective program, skilled and experienced outside educators work one-on-one or in small groups during school hours to provide intensive instruction for Inman students who require extra attention. The program effectively reduces class sizes and allows Inman teachers to continue teaching other students at a pace appropriate to their level.  It also provides opportunities for Inman teachers to develop their teaching skills by partnering with EAF tutors to develop customized learning plans.